Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back home in warm DC

Another year is about to pass and I don't feel any wiser. Mostly I feel the same which I guess is good. No new aches or pains. I have been diligent in doing my knee exercises to make sure they don't get worse. I also have a ski trip coming up and I want to make sure it isn't my knees that slow me down. They have been doing fairly well lately which is good.

I didn't do much over the Christmas break. Mostly I stayed in to avoid the cold weather and the large piles of snow. I guess I am not really used to winter anymore. I also played xBox360 games on my brothers new console. I think I am going to have to get one, but it might be better to wait until I get a nicer TV. The little 14 incher I have is not worth playing games on anymore. I also tried to catch up with my backlog of gear reports. I had 5 reports all due on the same day and another due later this month. I managed to get them all done thankfully.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

In Montreal

I arrived in Montreal to a few flurries and a fresh layer of snow.  It is much colder here than I am used to so I am finding myself cold all the time.  I did bring layers and fleece but I am still cold.  There is a lot of snow here, they have snow banks that are taller than the cars.  The flight was mostly uneventful but we did have to wait on the plane for the security person to check us off.  Not sure what was up with that but we had to wait for some time.  I was stamped into Canada, something they have never done before.  Normally you don't get a stamp for entering your own country but apparently they either have changed that or the customs agent didn't notice.

I wanted to travel light since I was going to have to lug my suitcase on the metro to get to the airport so I opted for my small suitcase.  This suitcase is about as old as I am, maybe even older.  It is still in relatively good shape.  They just don't make things the way they used too.  But since the suitcase is baby blue, it is really easy to pick it out of the suitcase pile.  That made it easy to grab my suitcase and get out of the airport quickly.  It was fun looking out the window and watch the countryside slowly go towards winter, until I got there.

It is nice to be home.  Not sure I care for the cold weather but the snow is making everything very picturesque.  I am also feeling my allergies starting to act up with the cat around.  I have some pills with me that I will likely have to start taking.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home for Christmas

I decided to fly home for Christmas.  The 10 hour drive just didn't seem like a good idea especially since I would be driving into winter with a car that isn't really winter ready.  I also managed to book relatively cheap tickets on Air Canada and that helped make the decision a little easier.  I wasn't sure about flying over the holiday break but I managed to leave on a Thursday which is a big help.  I arrive back on a Sunday and I hope that will not be a problem.  I also hope the weather will be good, as I will be trapped here otherwise.  My parents will be driving down to spend the night with me on their way to Florida.  We both leave the same day but I will fly back.  I will likely have to give them the keys just in case.

My boyfriend will be picking me up at the airport which will be nicer than lugging my bags back on the metro system.  He will also have extra keys so I can get into the apartment.  Yes, we got back together shortly after our disagreement.  It was a bad disagreement but we were each trying to stick to our principles without seeing the others side.  We talked for quite some time to work things out and are doing better now.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007


I've just been dumped and right before the Christmas and New Year break. How to make a girl feel special. Feeling really bummed right now. I am going hiking later today so I am hoping some fresh air, exercise and the group of people I managed to pull together will help make me feel a little better. I was planning on coming back to DC for New Year's eve parties but somehow I get the feeling it won't be the same. The next few weekends are going to be rough. There isn't much to do and it is a little too cold for me to be going kayaking without a dry suit.