Saturday, October 02, 2010

Day 45: Mt Algo Shelter

8.4 mi

A short mile day but with some steep climbs. My week off was not good for my trail legs. I felt I was just starting to get my trail legs but now I feel I have been sent back to week one. My feet have been pounding by the middle of the day. The heat and humidity have still been quite high. It has really been sucking the strength and appetite right out of me. I have been at least trying to get as much water as possible in me.

We are a full house tonight but most are camping out so we so far have the shelter mostly to ourselves. One guy is in a bug bivy and decided to join us when it started to sprinkle rain.

We go into Kent tomorrow to get our boxes from Ft. Montgomery plus my tank top. Hopefully we will find everything we need at the outfitters. We may also look into getting a bug net bivy tent and maybe a tarp. We will see.



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