Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home for Christmas

I decided to fly home for Christmas.  The 10 hour drive just didn't seem like a good idea especially since I would be driving into winter with a car that isn't really winter ready.  I also managed to book relatively cheap tickets on Air Canada and that helped make the decision a little easier.  I wasn't sure about flying over the holiday break but I managed to leave on a Thursday which is a big help.  I arrive back on a Sunday and I hope that will not be a problem.  I also hope the weather will be good, as I will be trapped here otherwise.  My parents will be driving down to spend the night with me on their way to Florida.  We both leave the same day but I will fly back.  I will likely have to give them the keys just in case.

My boyfriend will be picking me up at the airport which will be nicer than lugging my bags back on the metro system.  He will also have extra keys so I can get into the apartment.  Yes, we got back together shortly after our disagreement.  It was a bad disagreement but we were each trying to stick to our principles without seeing the others side.  We talked for quite some time to work things out and are doing better now.

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