Monday, October 04, 2010

Day 47: Pine Swamp Shelter

10 mi

I had hoped to make it the 2+ more miles to the campsite to avoid the swamp shelter, but alas, I just didn't have the miles in me. Today was a bit of a rough section both with rocky stretches and lots of ups and downs. We also got off to a late start this morning as we waited for the rain to stop. The thunderstorm was so close it was practically on top of us. With the two of us in the tent, we had some condensation issues so our bags had dank spots. The area we pitched it also wasn't level so we slide to the bottom of the tent and the footbox of my bag got a little damp. At least it stopped so we could pack up without getting wet. We are at a shelter tonight so we had a chance to spread things out to dry as well as set up the tent to dry.

We've been moving slowly mostly because of me and my various ailments. Looks like at this pace we will be finishing up around Christmas. I hope to get my trail legs soon so we can start pulling longer mile days but the further north we go the harder the terrain which slows me down. I hope I can catch up at some point.



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