Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Day 48: Limestone Spring Shelter

12.3 mi

The bugs were pretty bad last night in the shelter. So much so that I put on some DEET before going to bed. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well. Just to add to my list of woes, my left knee has been starting to act up. The worst part is that it isn't hurting where it normally does, this is a new pain. Mostly it hurts going downhill but today it hurt first thing in the morning and after each break. Like it had stiffened up with the lack of movement.

In the shelter log, many people mentioned looking forward to the shower at the Hydro plant. I wonder how many were disappointed to see just a showerhead on the side of the building, no privacy at all. We passed opting instead to enjoy the river and have some fun. I washed up and rinsed out my clothes a bit. It was a very nice break to the day and made the 3 mi push up to the summit go a bit faster. The 1/2 mi hike down to the shelter was ridiculous. We are camped out at the shelter waiting to see what the weather gods will bring tonight. We had some thunder roll past earlier and the temps dropped a bit.



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