Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3: Annapolis Rocks Campsite

On top of the heat, humidity and long miles we did today, I also got a blister on my foot as well as a rash on the side of my leg. The good news is that my knees seem to be doing okay. We had an early start this morning when some other thru-hikers got up early. It was just barely light and we were tired but we got up anyways. We knew that we had at least 13.1 miles to get to a shelter. After a long rest though at the shelter, we decided to move on for a couple of reasons. Mostly I wanted to be able to make it to Waynesboro, MD to go to the shoe place. At that point the blister was bad. On a chance I slipped my shoes on sockless to go to the privy and found my feet hardly hurt at all. I may still need new footwear, but I might get a reprieve on having to buy some immediately.

So tonight we are again trying the tent in a place far less likely to flood. So far we have had only sprinkles and hope that is all we get. At least the heat of the day has broken so hopefully we will sleep tonight.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 2: Crampton Gap Shelter

9.1 miles

We got off to a late start this morning with some of the last minute things we had to do. We hit the trail which included a small section of the C&O Canal. At Crampton Gap Shelter we opted to set up the tent because the shelter was small and a ways down. So after getting our water, we went back up to the first campsite. After we set up we laid down for a few minutes of rest. As we were resting we could hear thunder moving in. We got up and brought everything inside the tent just before the storm hit. And boy did it hit. At first we didn't have too much trouble. The tent kept out the rain but we did have a bit of splash back. The problem was the rain came down so hard the tent area (bounded by wood beams) started to fill up and worked its way through the bottom mes. We had a couple waves of storm pass. As soon as it was gone and the rain tapered off, we grabbed everything and ran down to the shelter. We eventually got the tent when the rain finally stopped. What a first day of hiking on the AT.


Back on the AT

Updates have been non-existent because my husband and I are hiking the AT. Sort of as honeymoon but also to check a goal of the life list. I am hopefully that I can start doing some blog updates of my journal like I did the first time I hiked. We started on June 2nd in Harper's Ferry, this hike will be a flip flop hike in the hopes that my knees will take to the hiking better with and easier terrain to build up on. Guess time and miles will tell.