Saturday, July 19, 2008

White water fun

White water fun
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Went out and did the second class in the white water series. This class we worked on getting a roll, which we already had, and more current work. We went up to the Maryland chutes and no one was around, which is odd for a saturday morning, so we went and played in the hole created by the current. I found out that leaning forward when in the hole is bad as the water catches my bow and flips me over. Since I haven't learned how to stop this I have to just go with it. At least I can roll back up. It was a really hot day and there wasn't much shade but we all had a great time.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monster on the Potomac

The kayaking group took out another group of people to kayak the Potomac at Belle Haven. It is a very nice paddle with a dyke marsh on one side to explore and little creeks and rivers on the other side. We chose to explore the other side leading to a rather drawn out crossing. The wind and chop from passing boats did make the crossing a little hairy for the less experienced, but it was a good trip. As we rested in a cove I noticed a log sticking out of the water that from a distance looked like Nessie's head. A badly shot picture and we could start our own stories about the monster of the Potomac.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Potomac Fest

I hope my posts don't start to get too repetitive with all the kayaking stuff I have been doing lately. I have at least been having a blast and getting lots of sun and exercise. The Potomac Fest was this weekend. We didn't have time, or the energy, to either participate or watch more then one event. We did go to the free style event to cheer on someone we know. The Potomac Fest is a white water festival and competition that happens in the area. Apparently drawing play boater from all around the area. The free style event took place at the Maryland chute and involves a hole in the water that boaters enter. Once in the hole they had to stay in place or perform tricks. We watched most people just ride the hole but a few people did some tricks such as cartwheels and flips. It was a really hot day to be sitting up on a rock in full sun without sunblock to watch this. We stayed about 2 hours before leaving. I didn't get a burn, thank goodness. Seems I was able to keep most of the sensitive parts in front of me with the sun at my back.