Thursday, November 26, 2009


This was a long week. I just got back from my last business trip with my old lab, had to finish packing up the apartment and move. It didn't happen as planned. A friend, leaving on a trip, was having a going away party. She will be touring the Antarctic so this was one of the last chances to say bye. Plus my fiance arrived today about the same time I did but at a different airport. We met up near the party location which thanks to some construction was an interesting challenge. We arrived back late at the apartment and fell asleep right away. The next morning was an early morning as we rushed out to get the moving truck then rushed back to get the truck parked and start loading.

I had 5 people total to help with the load, including myself. I didn't help too much as I was trying to frantically finish packing the kitchen which I never really started. Once finished we actually had time to run up to Rockville and do a pool session. What a day. We crashed at a friend's place then left early the next morning. The apartment was mostly clean as I had cleaned it just before we left. So we cleaned out the fridge and freezer then were on the road. Three days later we arrived late in the night to Utah. What a drive. Nebraska and Wyoming are really flat, and really windy. We had a horrible head wind.

We arrived on the Tuesday night, then started to unload Wednesday morning. Some friends came over to help and we had about 5 people. The unloading was more challenging as we were moving my stuff into an already filled apartment. The unpacking will be fun to say the least. But that is for another day. We went over to his parents for Thanksgiving supper and are trying to sleep off the effects of the driving and moving.

I have no idea where anything is right now. Hopefully I can find all the important stuff. Guess I need to figure out what is important now.