Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day 46: Stweard Hollow Shelter

7.3 mi

Another low mileage day but we stopped in Kent to resupply and pick up a maildrop. I got a new top to play with. Luckily it fits. Sadly it is the same ill-conceived color as my hiking shirt, black. Not a good color with the heat and humidity we have still been encountering. At least we spend a good part of the time under tree cover.

Kent was a nice, quaint town that was very pricey with little to offer. The grocery store was lacking, the outfitter was laughable at best and the shops were not very hiker friendly. Why would I leave everything I own outside a shop where anyone can walk off with it. The town also didn't have a hostel. Cheapest place started at about 90$, going up to 140$.

We left Kent in the middle of the high heat to climb up a mountain. Not the best idea especially on full stomachs but we had to get moving. The terrain was a bit rocky but then we hit the down after the ledges and it was stone stairs followed by a gravel road walk. Not very pleasant on our feet and the gnats were horrendous. Thankfully we had just bought bug head nets which the outfitter happened to have, crappy as they were they were a blessing at that moment. I found a new journal too, only things worth the trip into the outfitter.



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