Friday, October 01, 2010

Day 44: Ten Mile River Shelter

9.6 mi

First real day back on the trail in about a week and I almost feel like I did the first few days, slow and easily winded. I'm sure some of that is from my recovering from heat exhaustion. My feet are not happy but I have been trying to stay off them at the shelter and they are doing okay.

Looks like we might have the shelter to ourselves tonight. Would be nice. Would also be nice if the heat would break so we can get a good nights sleep. We both have been tired and managed to get a nap in when we arrived earlier in the afternoon. Tomorrow is another light mile day where we cross back into NY briefly then we are in CT to stay. We should be in Kent the following day to do a resupply and pick up the rest of the Ft. Montgomery maildrop that my husband forwarded on. Plus hopefully a new tank top and maybe socks if we're lucky.



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