Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back home in warm DC

Another year is about to pass and I don't feel any wiser. Mostly I feel the same which I guess is good. No new aches or pains. I have been diligent in doing my knee exercises to make sure they don't get worse. I also have a ski trip coming up and I want to make sure it isn't my knees that slow me down. They have been doing fairly well lately which is good.

I didn't do much over the Christmas break. Mostly I stayed in to avoid the cold weather and the large piles of snow. I guess I am not really used to winter anymore. I also played xBox360 games on my brothers new console. I think I am going to have to get one, but it might be better to wait until I get a nicer TV. The little 14 incher I have is not worth playing games on anymore. I also tried to catch up with my backlog of gear reports. I had 5 reports all due on the same day and another due later this month. I managed to get them all done thankfully.

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