Thursday, May 03, 2007

Amazon Wish List

I hopped onto Amazon to see what was on my wish list. I find that I keep adding things either baesd on something I read on or just from surfing around on Amazon looking for something else. So I decided to clean out the list a little. I purchased 2 beer books to help me develope my own recipes, I also picked up a book on mead, a non-fiction book that sounded similar to The Tipping Point which I had liked, and three fiction novels. I received the books about a week ago and I am slowly making my way through the Designing Great Beers book. It is an interesting read. I think Radical Brewing will be a better read. I flipped through it when it first arrived and several of the passages I skimmed through were funny to read. I think I might go clear out a few more books from my list like Zymurgy: Best Articles or maybe Cider, Hard and Sweet. I have been drinking Strongbow Cider recently and I really like it. It is sweet with a hint of dryness but quite good. Now I wonder if I can make my own version. I might have to wait until the fall though when the different varieties of apples are ripe. I have heard that sour or tart apples make better cider.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More backpacking

I have another trip planned for this weekend. Another small in and out hike. It will be 5 miles this time. Something to get people back on the trail and to get to know some of the other hikers in the group. I have a much bigger hike the weekend after that someone else planned. I think it is 20 miles over 2 and a half days. Not too bad but the trails are supposed to be muddy. That should make for fun hiking with my sandals. At least my feet are washable.

I have been eyeballing the Hikes in the Virginias book and the The Best of the AT Overnight Hikes book. I think the first one might be more useful over the second one but since I have been posting hikes, I thought these might come in handy to find better hikes or better loop hikes. Nothing says boring more than a simple in and out hike. I have two other people interested in hiking this weekend with two others who are unsure they can make it. As the weekend approaches, I find I am more interested in sleeping in and doing nothing than going on this trip. I need more sleep.

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