Thursday, September 09, 2010

Day 22: New Tripoli Campsite

13.3 mi

It was fairly uneventful today. we stopped for a snack at Dan's Pulpit. We encountered some nice long rocky stretches this morning but left them behind pretty quickly. I think I might be finally getting my trail legs, but that one old blister is still slowing me down. It now feels like there is a new blister under that old one between my toes. Not sure what to do now. I will tape it in the morning and hope that helps.

We opted to stop at New Tripoli to help break up the miles. We stopped in at the Allentown Club Shelter and while it was very nice with a nice privy, it was a very long way down for water. We needed to tank up as it is very hot and humid today. It was also only 6 miles from the last shelter. We were still able to do more miles. The tent site is a ways down and we are not looking forward to the climb back up tomorrow. I also hope the wind comes up more as it is very still and the humidity is getting to us. Even I am having a hard time with it. I never remember having such issues. Oh well.



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