Monday, August 02, 2010

Day 14: Clark's Ferry Shelter

4.5 mi

Still waylaid by blisters, we did a low mile day to at least keep moving and to avoid spending any more time in town. The road walk out sucked but the rocky trail hurt more. My little toes are quite sensitive and stepping on rocks with just the side of my foot hurts. The heels are also pretty sensitive. Walking downhill causes toe-jam too. We are trying to bide out time until Port Clinton where I will receive my Keen's which will hopefully help my feet. My husband is changing out a couple of things to hopefully help with his chaffing. Tomorrow will be another low mile day but I hope we are feeling and doing better than today. We will need to do about 18 mi the next day as the shelters are far apart.

We are no longer in the section with the nice shelters. The shelters are definitely older and not as well maintained. If it wasn't for the no tenting we would probably be tenting. If we manage to avoid rain, we will likely be tenting a little more often.



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