Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 17: William Penn Shelter

13.4 mi

Today was a long day. The body is definitely aching in the feet and legs. The last few miles were a major push. We are getting in shape but we can't push too many miles yet without feeling the effects the next day. It took us the same amount of time to do 13.4 mi today as it did to do 18 mi yesterday. Tomorrow we have a lighter day planned.

Our first ~4 mi of the day went pretty well but it was hot and quite humid. Just as I was ready for a break, we rounded the bend to some trail magic. It was still cold, in fact some things were still frozen. It was well maintained, stocked and well placed.

We passed through an old village site and passed a cemetery. Later we crossed over Swatara Gap/s canal and a nice old canal bridge. The climb back up to the ridge was quite long and a bit steep. While the trails have been nicely maintained so far, the section (even though it was just trimmed) was overgrown on the sides by brambles and grassy patches hid rocks and snakes. I scared a black snake about as badly as I scared myself. Good thing it wasn't a rattler.



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