Saturday, August 07, 2010

Day 19: Eagle's Nest Shelter

9.5 mi

Today was very hot and humid but at least the rocks were gentle on us. I did acquire a new blister between my toes. Not sure how I am getting them there but I am really looking forward to getting my sandals tomorrow.

Since we knew (from past experience and another thru-hiker) that the water here is almost non-existent, we stopped at the last spring 1 mile back to tank up. We also enjoyed some nice trail magic, sodas chilling in the spring. The spring water wasn't great but it was better than what we would have gotten at the shelter. Turns out that the water isn't the only think wrong here. For some reason the club maintaining this section is unable to get wood bark for the privy so they locked it. Several people have commented on it in the log. It it pretty ridiculous given that a handful of leaves or forest duff would do the same thing.

Still not impressed with boy scouts. The small group from last night denuded the area of wood for a big fire then they tossed a banana peel in the fire pit this morning intending on leaving it for the next person to burn in their fire. The boy scouts need to work on their social image and what they are teaching young people.



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