Monday, August 09, 2010

Day 21: Eckville Shelter

Had our first bear siting today up at the pinnacles overlook. A medium-sized bear that ambled around then turned and walked away. It didn't get too close which was good. Out at the overlook we saw a snake skin and enjoyed the views.

The rocks have definitely been picking up. The rocky sections are longer and getting pretty rough. The sandals are more comfortable to wear but they are old and are not sticking to the rocks so I am sliding around a bit. I am still waiting for that one last blister to heal up between my toes.

We have been sharing our last three campsites with a boy scout troop. They have been rather nice considering. This is the last night we will see them as we will be pressing on further then they will. We should be able to make our next town in two days.

We are a pretty full house here tonight. All the bunks are full plus there are a few camping out as well as all the boy scouts. The caretaker here is quite an ornery character. He sounded off about the boy scouts (their group size was apparently too big), and he didn't like anyone who was at the shelter. We pretty much thought that he had been a caretaker for too long. We did run into someone we thought was behind us but who jumped ahead. He was having a hard time on the rocks and was jumping ahead to avoid them. I didn't like him the first time I met him and still don't like him. Apparently he got into a fight with someone earlier about his "yellow blazing" ahead. He jumped ahead then wasn't sure he had made the right decision. Well it is a bit late for that. Everyone else was quite nice that night.

I remember stopping here back in '05 and the shelter is still using the same register. It was pretty cool to see my entry plus entries from other people who hiked in after me. Not much left in the register though.



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