Sunday, August 08, 2010

Day 20: Pocahontas Spring

White a bit rocky and with a very steep downhill section, the trip to Port Clinton was somewhat uneventful. We did see our first rattle snake sitting in the middle of the trail. We sat for a while at one of the park picnic tables relaxing before getting teh maildrop. I was also waiting for a section hiker to arrive who had offered us a lift into town. We forgot to add TP to the maildrop. I did end up getting a lift from a trail angel (Rita from Reading) so we were food to go (literally and figuratively). We stopped in to see the pavilion and tape up my latest blister.

Heading down the trail, we ran into some trail magic in the form of 'Green Dog's' mom who was handing out cold coke's to passing thru's.

Our maildrop was for four days so we will be in good shape to get to our next resupply town of Palmerton. We are about 7 days from DWG and then we are on to NJ. It will be nice to move on and progress will feel like it is occurring. We are almost at 200 mi of trail under our feet.

Some boy scouts who were tenting at the shelter last night are here again tenting near the spring. Luckily the sites are far enough apart that they are not disturbing us.

Tomorrow we get a shower, yay!



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