Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 12: The Doyle - Duncannon, PA

11.4 mi

We just had to get over the hump to get to Duncannon but it felt like the most difficult section to date. Not only are we seriously feeling the effects of two long days back to back, but we are starting to encounter more rocky sections. We got off to a later start than usual and seemed to hike slower and slower as the hours passed. We finally made it to the Doyle Hotel and will be zeroing here to try to heal up and recover a bit.

We stopped at the Quick Mart and enjoyed a nice cold drink and ice cream. We then got our shower and laundry today finally after way to long. The salt was starting to build up bad enough that I could feel the crystal buildup. It felt really good to shower. The dirt buildup wasn't too bad but bad enough. We will be in a real bed tonight and although there is no AC, we will have a ceiling and floor fan. The Doyle is almost as I remember it. I do hope the renovations the book talks about happens because this place has lots of character. It is one of the original Anheuser-Busch buildings and is over 100 years old.



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