Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day 13: The Doyle - Duncannon, PA

Zero day!

Spent most of the day resting and relaxing so we would be ready to move on tomorrow. It is funny how my knees and back were a problem on my first AT attempt, but this time it is blisters and footwear issues. Other then resting, we also took the free shuttle to the market and did a resupply. I managed to get some items out of the hiker box which cut down on the amount of stuff we had to buy. While the food at the Doyle was great (in contrast to the rooms), we opted to enjoy pizza at the pizza place up the road. They make a great Hawaiian style but the large was just a little too big for us. We couldn't eat the last two slices so we took them back with us. I suspect that the pizza didn't agree with me.

I was talking with one of the owners and she ended up looking me up in their year book/hiker book. It was pretty cool to see myself plus some of the others I had been hiking with off and on.



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