Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Day 16: Rausch Gap Shelter

18 mi

A long day mileage-wise and we got off to an early start. The first 10 mi were okay but they slowly became harder the longer we hiked. My blisters were slowly getting better so I hope we didn't push too hard too soon. The hard part is that the gaps between shelters are long and the water sources are infrequent or in places where it is hard to camp. We didn't hit too many rocky sections today which we were both thankful.

An odd sight on the trail today was a group of horsemen. The AT is for foot travel only and these guys somehow managed to take a very wrong turn. I'm not sure how they got their horses past some of those rocky sections but they did. We spent part of our time avoiding hose dung. Found out that a horse trail ends at the AT so they really have no choice but to travel down the AT or backtrack. They should have stopped at the road though rather than continue.

We passed some trail magic today, too bad it was empty. Always sad to pass an empty cooler. Although we had a long day, at least there was a cool breeze. We are expecting cool temperatures tonight.



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