Friday, August 06, 2010

Day 18: Hertlein Campsite

9.7 mi

The trail is definitely taking a turn for the rocky. I feel like I spent part of the hike up on rocks rather than on any form of trail.

We stopped at 501 Shelter for a long break making good use of the solar shower. In spite of how cold the water was, we both managed to get in a shower. We were clean even if our clothes were not. We got lucky in that 'Labrat' was also at the shelter. So we got to order pizza for lunch and a couple of subs to take on the trail for supper. This is helping extend our food the one day we needed to make it to our resupply/maildrop in Port Clinton. I think we are both looking forward to the mail drop, both for the food and the replacement or forgotten gear. I'm looking forward to my sandals and the hope that they will help stop the blisters from forming any further. I finally managed to pop the one under the callus on my left foot. It was the last one that still had juice in it and while all the others no longer hurt, it still hurts. I hope popping it helps heal it up and stops the pain.



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