Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3: Annapolis Rocks Campsite

On top of the heat, humidity and long miles we did today, I also got a blister on my foot as well as a rash on the side of my leg. The good news is that my knees seem to be doing okay. We had an early start this morning when some other thru-hikers got up early. It was just barely light and we were tired but we got up anyways. We knew that we had at least 13.1 miles to get to a shelter. After a long rest though at the shelter, we decided to move on for a couple of reasons. Mostly I wanted to be able to make it to Waynesboro, MD to go to the shoe place. At that point the blister was bad. On a chance I slipped my shoes on sockless to go to the privy and found my feet hardly hurt at all. I may still need new footwear, but I might get a reprieve on having to buy some immediately.

So tonight we are again trying the tent in a place far less likely to flood. So far we have had only sprinkles and hope that is all we get. At least the heat of the day has broken so hopefully we will sleep tonight.



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