Saturday, July 12, 2008

Potomac Fest

I hope my posts don't start to get too repetitive with all the kayaking stuff I have been doing lately. I have at least been having a blast and getting lots of sun and exercise. The Potomac Fest was this weekend. We didn't have time, or the energy, to either participate or watch more then one event. We did go to the free style event to cheer on someone we know. The Potomac Fest is a white water festival and competition that happens in the area. Apparently drawing play boater from all around the area. The free style event took place at the Maryland chute and involves a hole in the water that boaters enter. Once in the hole they had to stay in place or perform tricks. We watched most people just ride the hole but a few people did some tricks such as cartwheels and flips. It was a really hot day to be sitting up on a rock in full sun without sunblock to watch this. We stayed about 2 hours before leaving. I didn't get a burn, thank goodness. Seems I was able to keep most of the sensitive parts in front of me with the sun at my back.



Blogger Sam said...

Don't worry about the higher-than-normal volume of kayaking posts. I've told three or four of my kayak-intensive friends about your site. Ever since they've all been scouring the archives for the kayak content posts. So if you lose a couple readers over that stuff, know you've gained just as many because of it.

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