Friday, September 14, 2007

TGIF bbq

The Health and Safety department here at work had their end of year bbq. There was lots of food, burgers, hot dogs, pulled venison and ribs. I got a preview of the pulled venison at lunch, it pays to know the right people. I then opted to have the ribs since they were keeping the venison for themselves and they were really good. I think I ate a little too much but the food was great. They also had neon yellow 'lemonade'. They actually had to put a sign up on the 'lemonade' telling people it was margarita mix as a few people complained about the nasty lemonade. So the rest of the party we walked around telling EH&S how much we loved their 'lemonade'. I think I drank a little too much but the lemonade went down nice and smooth after the first one. I am glad that the weather held out this year. I was on campus last year for their bbq and it rained. I actually went back up to the lab and grabbed a rain coat before braving the bbq. The rain did come but it was near the end of the bbq, good timing.

I went to catch a movie down in Georgetown after the bbq. Good thing I don't fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I may have been a little drunk but at least I was able to follow the movie. I'll write something up on it later. I had a great time. I feel like I am settling in here in DC better than I was in Harvard. Maybe it is because I have been here longer, but I feel like I have more friends and more things to do now than I have ever had to do. Although RI still runs a close second.



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