Monday, September 03, 2007

Some assembly required

So I went to IKEA this weekend as I really wanted to get a dresser and bookshelf so I could clean up and organize the apartment. I also wanted to unpack the boxes of books I didn't have shelf space for. So I picked out a nice dresser and bookshelf. When I got back, I discovered the bookshelf was missing the back and had the wrong hardware so I had to bring it back the next day and fight with the return staff when the next one I bought had the same problem. After at least 30 minutes, everything was finally sorted out. The dresser had all the right parts and went together quickly with help from a friend and a cordless drill. Thank goodness for that cordless drill. It made all the IKEA assembly go so much smoother and faster than if we had had to hand screw everything.

After all the assembling, I moved the new dresser into the bedroom, the old dresser is in the linen closet and had some towels and hiking gear in it. The closet is mch better organized now. The little bookshelf that was in the linen closet will go in my bedroom closet and the new bookshelf is in the livingroom. I managed to switch all the clothes into the new dresser and fill the old dresser with towels and gear. I still have boxes lying around with stuff that I either need to sell, donate or toss. That is a project for another day.

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