Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lots of paddling fun

I talked a coworker into coming down and paddling with the group. She came with her husband and son and it was lots of fun. I had a little trouble getting the husband to sit up straight as his leaning posture was not giving an efficient paddling stoke and the leaning was causing the kayak to turn to the left. But their son seemed to have a good time splashing in the water and seeing deer, ducks, and turtles. I ended up paddling slowly to keep them company while the group went on ahead. Then once I got them back to the dock I caught up with the group.

I got in more wet exit practice. I discovered that the river banks on the Potomac at that point are composed of toxic, smelly mud that is hard to stand in. I almost lost a sandal when I tried to pull my foot out. I also managed to get a little water up the nose and into the sinuses when I went over the first time. Ouch. But I got in three good exits and know that I can get out of the kayak and get back into the kayak when I have nothing to stand on. Actually, the getting in part seemed to be the easier part of the practice. I am comfortable in the water and comfortable getting into the kayak but I still dislike having to purposely flip the kayak. I have to psyc myself up for it which won't happen if I get flipped by a wave.

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