Saturday, September 08, 2007

TGIF Happy Hour

Turn out for yesterday s Happy Hour event was really good. Apparently the students are back on campus and several of the old timers have been eagerly awaiting the first TGIF. I even had the department chair come and drop off a tip although he couldn't stay long. I was a little disappointed that the amber ale didn't carbonate. I decided to chill then carbonate and apparently that doesn't work. The trick is to chill, carbonate then chill further. I didn't do the chill further step so it was a little flat. I think I will stick with what worked best and that was to carbonate when warm then chill the beer. Since I over pressurize the keg, the carbonation has time to dissolve into solution as the beer chills. The soda was also flat, but something else was wrong with the soda. There were things floating in the soda as I was dispensing. I guess I didn't do a good job cleaning the keg so I had to toss the whole batch. That is a first for me, good thing it wasn't a beer. I picked up some cleaner and will give it a good soaking soon.

I was supposed to go backpacking this weekend but everyone pretty much bailed and I was left with two people willing to go. I called it off so now I am trying to help set up a last minute kayaking event in its place. Plus I could use more wet exit practice.

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