Sunday, September 02, 2007

Paddling the Chesapeake

A small group of us went out on saturday and paddled around part of the Potomac were it dumps into the Chesapeake. We also then paddled part of the Chesapeake bay and it was really nice if a little choppy. I didn't notice the chop too much until we stopped paddling. Then we were stopped paddling and started going up and down. Good thing I don't get sea sick, or haven't yet. It was a long day of paddling but the weather was nice and the views were great. We stopped for lunch on a small beach that had the lake on one side and the Potomac on the other. After we ate, we did a little beach combing then carried the kayaks over to the Potomac side and off we went.

After a nice day of paddling we ended up at a crab house for supper. The crab cake was excellent. It was so much food I was stuffed afterwards. The drive back was exhausting and I am somewhat glad I wasn't driving. The combination of the food, sun, lack of sleep and late hour and I was exhausted. I just had to get my car back to my place and find parking. Good thing there was some down the street. I discovered the next morning that I missed a few spots with the sunscreen. I somehow missed along the sides of my tank top straps. Either that or the sweat and lifejacket rubbed away the sunscreen. It wasn't a bad burn, just enough to be annoying. I will try to be more careful next time. I wish I had brought along the bug dope as the bugs on the beach were nasty and vicious.

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