Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slow Week

What a slow week this has been. I really don't have enough to do at work. Because we have a new researcher who doesn't have much common sence, I feel like I have been babysitting and keeping an eye on everything to make sure stuff gets done and gets done properly. I will also have a new student coming in soon who will take over some of the routine tasks I currently do leaving me with more free time. My boss realizes I need more to do but it is a little hard to assign something until we get a new receptionist, and I am able to stop my babysitting duties which likely won't happen anytime soon.

I received my Amazon book order, finally. I placed the order about 2 weeks ago, just before the 'Queen of Candesce' was released. Somehow USPS didn't like the shipping address I gave and rejected my order. So I had to call up Amazon and figure out what happened. I ended up having them redo the order and send it to me for the same dates I would have received it. This meant they charged me for shipping, but they claimed it would be refunded. When I received my order, lo and behold, there was a shipping charge. I had to call again and ask that it be refunded. I don't think they would have refunded it if I hadn't called them up. But in the end, I got my order around the same time as was expected and for the same price. Now I have reading material to go through. I need another bookshelf.

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