Friday, August 31, 2007

Paddling with the Pirates

I have started going kayaking with a group that gets together every Thursday after work. I am hoping that I will eventually learn how to roll like them but I still haven't gotten wet. I really don't think my kayak is capable of being rolled by a beginner and I didn't feel like learning the wet exit last night. I am hoping to get a nicer, sleeker kayak. Something that is easier to paddle. The more time I spend in my kayak the more of a behemoth it feels like. While it is very stable in the water, I have a hard time paddling in a straight line without the rudder. I also have a hard time maintaining a good pace without tiring myself. Last night it got dark and I didn't think to bring a light so I was trying to keep up with the two guys who had lights. Good thing as the police boat stopped and talked with the other half of the group that had fallen behind. I need to remember to toss a light in my life jacket. I think I need to hit the gear shop and pick up a few other things too to round out my paddling gear.

I ended up not staying after the paddling was over. They normally go for burritos afterwards, but I had been up since 3 for some reason and was very tired. I managed a whole night's sleep last night and hope to get another full night tonight. I hate having to take sleeping aids because I have a harder time getting up in the morning and I don't feel that the sleep I get is as good. I should take up meditation or something.



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