Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shoot 'em Up

I had a chance to watch an advanced screening of this movie. I have taken lately to not reading reviews as I find that they give away too much of the plot and reduce my interest in the movie. The movie synopsis posted for this movie was a one liner with very little detail. My interest was piqued, plus the movie was free.

This movie is a comedy. There are many moments in teh movie where a suspension of belief is required in order to enjoy the movie. This is the type of movie where the good guy seemingly never runs out of bullets and his aim is perfect. What makes the movie is the dead pan humour of Clive Owens as an unwilling participant in saving a baby from an army of killers. He is a hard core hater of all things but every once in a while he shows a soft side. While it was hard to believe someone could be so lucky as to not get shot, I really did enjoy this movie.



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