Saturday, September 15, 2007

An even better kayak

I was out kayaking again Saturday afternoon. The guy I had borrowed the other nice kayak from was along and I had a chance to play with it again. This time there were some waves and the water was a little choppy. It was fun, as the wind was to our backs and the waves were pushing us along. The wave surfing was great. The way back was against the wind but not as bad we thought it would be. Mostly it was bad before the bridges as they were funnelling the wind. I had a chance after the trip to try out another kayak, the Force 4. Very nice. I really liked the cockpit and the boat was a dream to handle as well as being more stable initially. I also felt I could lean into the turns with more ease. As a bonus, my leg didn't fall asleep. Although I wasn't in the boat for a very long time, I could tell that the seat and cockpit was much more comfortable. I will have to think seriously about whether this is the boat for me, as it will be difficult to find one used. This particular model was only just started last year. Oh well. Maybe I will think about a new one in the winter when the prices might be a little better.



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