Friday, August 03, 2007


I went out last night with a few friends to a weekly Thursday night happy hour. I didn't know that many people in the group so I didn't stay long. Also, with the loud music, it was hard to talk to people. I did chat with my boyfriend. He was in the hospital after getting a love tap from a car. He was sore but otherwise physically fine. He was really pissed with the driver, the police had been useless and he was madder than hell when I called.

Today I hosted another TGIF homebrew happy hour and again not many people showed up. I am going to wait a few weeks before the next one. At that point the semester should be staring and there will be fresh faces. I will also but up some flyers and try to drum up more people. The more the merrier. The few of us brainstormed some ideas to improve on the event. Someone suggested talking about science but that was blown out of the water right away. This is more social than work. But the food idea is worth trying. I think cake and beer might work.

Although turn out was low for the TGIF, we stayed until 7:00 and I got home late. I have all my hiking stuff piled up and it is a matter of pulling out the frozen water bottle and packing tomorrow morning. I am sitting down and knitting more baby caps while watching more Stargate. I have modified the design of the pattern I am using and have made a watermelon coloured cap. It is so much cuter than the other caps I have made so far, so I am making more so I can sell them. I will have to post a good pic when I take one. Everyone at work really liked them.

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