Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter

I received a copy of Harry Potter to read from a friend. And, no I am not going to give any spoilers. My friend picked up the book Saturday and spent the whole weekend reading it. I received it Tuesday and finished it Wednesday night. It wasn't bad but the story seemed to drag at points. It was like the author forgot to fill in background information and was now just catching up on it. Slogging through that and trying to determine what was worth reading was rather boring in a way. While I mostly enjoyed the story, I think I would rather have heard the fillet and just been done with it. I know it is a kids book and I tried to disregard the fluff, which did make for a better read. I am not sure I cared for the ending, it seemed a little too tidy but in the end it is over.

I went to the NaNo writing group meeting tonight. We have been trying to find a good location in the Dupont Circle area which is mostly convenient for everyone, but many places don't have plugs or they have limited seating. I am not sure what will happen but each time we meet it is at a different location. I hope we find something and settle soon. I mostly read just so I could finish HP but I want to get back on the writing bandwagon.

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