Saturday, July 21, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

This movie was just as I expected it to be, another Die Hard movie cut from the same mold. The mold must work otherwise people would stop watching the movies. But it is making the movie and plot start to feel a little old. Bad guys trying to take over the old/steal the worlds money and Bruce Willis come flying in to the rescue destroying evertyhing and everyone in his path. Then the bad guys kidnap his daughter so he ups the rampage to bisearker mode and wins the day. The difference in this movie from the other Die Hard movies in the franchise is the attempt to use computers as part of the plot line. There was plenty of snickering in the movie theater at many points in the movie. I think there were people who actually worked in the DC anti-hacker office as they were making fun of the decor.

In the end, this was a good watch that required very little intellectual input to follow. Since Willis was the computer n00b, everything was explained in a dumbed down way so everyone could follow the plot. This over explaining did have a draw back in that I felt it was over done and over dramatisied for a bigger effect that would really occur. The action was over the top and of course the hero survived the day. Who doesn't like a good, happy ending when avoiding the summer-time heat.



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