Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sunset paddling

One of the kayaking events planned was a sunset paddling. The weather was nice and cool but the wind was a little strong. Nothing we couldn't handle. Also, the sun didn't set while we were on the water but no biggie, it was still nice to get out. It was a relaxing paddling. The group was slow and tended to stop often and yak. A couple of us went out for pizza after the paddling. I had heard about Paradiso Pizza and it was great. I will have to go again, although next time with some lactaid. Apparently I am lactose intolerant. After avoiding lactose the entire week and feeling fine, the cheese on the pizza pushed me over the edge.

The first part of my day on the other hand had been very hectic. I woke up late then I tried making egg salad sandwich mix with some old eggs. I started boiled them up when I noticed that my garbage can had somehow become infected with blowflies or something, mostly in the larval stage. Must be the hot weather and something I tossed in there last week. So I ended up washing and bleaching the can to get rid of them. Then I had to run out the door, without my egg salad sandwich in order to make it to the theater in time for the movie. I ended up biking there to get there faster. I just made it. When the movie got out I had to race up the hill (which didn't happen) to get back in time for the sunset paddling. Needless to say I was tired and I know I will be sore tomorrow from the biking. I ended up walking it part of the way up the hill because I had no energy or breath left.

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