Sunday, July 29, 2007

More baby caps

I went shopping this morning and picked up more yarn. I think I now have almost every colour of fruit or vegetable available. I also picked up different greens so I could try to make a striped melon. I will have to play with that. I also made a raspberry cap this afternoon and it is cute. I tried to make it a little knobbly like a raspberry is but I don't think I made it knobbly enough. I will I think I need to work on matching mittens for some of these caps and start posting them for sale. I will have to post a pic here too.

I also make the unfortunate mistake of going to REI. I was looking for a spray skirt for an upcoming trip that I will need it on. Unfortunately they didn't have my kayak size but they did have clearance racks of clothing and I found 6$ shirts, and some really nice skorts and zip apart pants, which I need a new pair of. I spent more than I meant to and don't have a spray skirt to show for it. Oh well. I should know better than to go to REI. Too much nice stuff, not enough money.



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