Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kayaking BBQ

Our kayaking meetup group under went a change in organizer, for the better. The old organizer seemed to lose interest and wasn't really posting anything. When the group was between organizers, one girl tried to pull the group together and suggested a BBQ event. The new organizer left it on the calendar and today was the day. The BBQ was in Leesylvania in Virginia and was very nice. There was way too much food, of course. But the kayaking was great and the BBQ was fun. I brought some homemade root beer and potato salad. I started the root beer and salad Thursday night, went out for TGIF then finished mixing the salad Friday night. Saturday I threw everything into the cool and off I went.

We chose to paddle up into the salt marsh area as there would be less power boats and no wake to worry about. The tide was going out so we eventually ran out of depth, but the trail we took was great. The salt marsh at first was clogged with seaweeds that got caught up in our paddles. A little after that the seaweed cleared up but then the sides of the waterway was choked up with water hyacinth. After that cleared it was just a muddy bank with grasses and trees. I wish we could have gone further up as it was so quiet and peaceful. I am hoping another events get planned out there when there is a high tide. I am curious how far the waterway goes. One guy with a GPS claimed it went right out to the highway. We had about half the group as new or novice paddlers. I felt bad for one group ibn a tandem as they kept paddling against each other and fighting to keep the kayak on course. I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry when I say how they were struggling. Tandem kayaks are either a good way to murder someone or to find out how strong your relationship is.

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