Thursday, July 26, 2007

Food allergies suck!

We had a vendor fair yesterday and sandwiches were offered as part of the freebies. So down we went to talk to people we already knew just so we could get free food and free squeeze toys. I picked up a soccer ball, some post it notes and a sandwich with cheese. Of course I wasn't thinking about my inability to digest lactose until after I had eaten the sandwich. Sure enough, I was sick as a dog later in the day. I hate that I have to be much more careful about what I am eating. It is one thing to watch my waist line but another to have to completely avoid an entire food group. I am still feeling a little queasy from yesterday's encounter with cheese. I have picked up some Lactaid so I can at least eat out on occasion and not have to worry about getting sick. I actually took some of Lactaid with supper and I have my fingers crossed that I will feel fine tonight and tomorrow morning.

It is very hot and humid today. At work I get so cold sometimes that I look forward to getting outside. But once I am outside and I get hot and sweaty, I can't wait to get into the AC. It normally isn't too bad but I went to get some groceries for the bBQ this Saturday, I boiled up some spuds for a potato salad, made a quick batch of root beer (although I am not sure it will be ready for Saturday, I am hoping it will at least turn out), and I did some laundry. I am still waiting for the workers to finish putting new windows in the building. They said it would be a week long process and I guess I was slated for the last day. Good thing I didn't take all the blinds down, especially in the bathroom and bedroom. I would have been really upset to have to put them up every day just for some privacy. Oh well, I am hoping tomorrow is the day.



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