Saturday, August 11, 2007

Surprise Visit

My brother came for a surprise visit. He called me Wednesday to say he was arriving Thursday. I took Friday off and we went down into DC to see a few museums and do some sights. We ate lunch at a place called Frank&Stein, hot dogs and beer. We also caught a movie, Rush Hour 3. It was good comic relief, a little light on plot. At least it was cool in the theater. The weather was really hot when he arrived, it was a scorcher on Friday when we were walking around downtown. Thankfully it started to cool down. I managed to get another AC unit in the apartment which helped a lot. I took him kayaking Saturday morning. I also ended up going kayaking Saturday afternoon. I hope I don't kayak myself out. He will be leaving tomorrow morning and I have another kayaking trip planned then too.

I asked my brother to bring his external hard drive with him. We started watching the 5th season of Alias since I haven't seen it yet. There are a lot of shows on the hard drive that I want to see so I will have something to watch when I finish StarGate. I am now on season 9.



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