Monday, August 06, 2007

Sore from backpacking

Okay, so I forgot to stretch but there must be something more than that. My outer leg muscles are really sore, and I don't remember using them enough to warrant such pain. Oh well. I guess I am out of shape. I just haven't been getting out as much as I used to. And sitting in front of the computer knitting and watching StarGate does not count as exercise.

It was very hot today, still is. I have been trying to bring shorts to work to change into for the walk home, but I forgot to bring them today. Walking in this heat is really hard to do. I have been turning on the AC so I can sleep at night but sometimes it walks me up when it kicks on. I haven't been cooking much as it is simply too hot. The kitchen is small enough that the heat builds up quickly. I basically boil some pasta and dump some sauce on top. And I really don't want to eat hot foods when it is this hot. I wanted to tuck into the ice cream the other day but that would have been stupid. I don't want to be sick and hot.

The weather is expected to be hot most of this week. I will have to remember shorts tomorrow. I also switched back to my shoes as my feet were a little tender after the hiking. I am cooler in sandals but my feet need a break. Hopefully I can switch back to the sandals soon. Just thinking about socks in this weather is making me hot.



Blogger Sam said...

Sore or not, a bad day hiking is better than a good day most anywhere else.

7:50 AM  

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