Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nice and cool

The weather has been nice and cool over the last few days. It has been refreshing and great sleeping weather, if only I could sleep. Still having trouble sleeping through the whole night. Apparently I have somehow decided that waking up at 3:00 every morning is a good idea. I can't seem to fall completely back asleep after that. The weather is going to warm up again but not to the high 30's that we had up until last week. I can't say I am happy about summer starting to wrap up, but the heat has been quite brutal. I will miss the long hours of light but I am looking forward to cooler weather.

I have been thinking about getting another keg. I wanted to make rootbeer for the Journal Pub TGIF thing. Apparently rootbeer has such a strong flavour that it affects the taste of things put into the keg afterwards, so I was thinking about getting a keg that I can dedicate to soda. I thought this would be fun since there are a few people who don't drink, and at least one who can't due to wheat allergies, and I don't always like the selections I have on tap so sometimes I don't drink.



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