Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy Weekend

I had a nice long to do list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. I managed to get most of my list done. I did do all the dishes until I started cooking supper and messed up more. So I still have dishes to wash. I also really wanted to get some mead brewing but didn't have enough honey so that is on hold still. But I did get groceries, put on a batch of beer, went kayaking, and picked up a spray skirt for the kayak. I also managed to finish another cute fruit cap which wasn't on my to do list.

One thing on my list is that I do have to clean out the apartment of junk. I have stuff that I don't use and haven't used that I should toss or give away but I just don't want to part with. I also don't feel like opening and going through boxes of stuff. The weather has not been conducive to heavy indoor activities. I should get a box and put things in it, if I haven't used anything in the box after several months, I should get rid of the box. Can't miss it if I haven't been using it or haven't looked for it. I would clear out lots of space if I pare down my stuff. I also haven't been painting in a long time so I am giving the supplies to my father. I really only seriously kayak, brew, hike, knit and read. So if I have stuff outside of those hobbies, I should part with them.



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