Thursday, July 12, 2007

Journal Pub and Writing

Yesterday after work, I decided to finally go to the weekly writing get together as I have been missing them in favour of spending time with my boyfriend. The group decided to move locations as the last location was having AC issues and we just had the heat break last night. We are now in Dupont Circle which works great for me as I can take the free shuttle in then either a bus home or the free shuttle back then walk. The location is okay but they have interesting music, plugs for the laptop users (which I think we all are), and free wifi. Wifi is great for research but is sometimes a little bit too much in the temptation department. I managed to stay the course and continue building my outline from my rough draft that I wrote during NaNoWriMo. I am hoping to get that done next week then get back to planning and writing more. I also think I will start minor editing of the first chapter and post that on my other blog. Although, now that I have been looking at this story again, I find I have lost interest in it and might start another that has been kicking around in the back of my head. It would be nice to finish this one first just so I have that accomplishment under my belt before trying to take on another story.

Today I hosted a Journal Pub. First of the summer, it has actually been a while since the last one. Turn out was very low as usual. People asked for Thursdays and everyone who asked for it didn't bother to show up. I think I will try Friday next week and see how that goes. One of the kegs emptied so I can start another batch of beer. I think I will try to make another stout using a different recipe with no molasses. I also have the chocolate extract so I can make up a few bottles of chocolate stout. I put a different regulator on my CO2 tank. It works better than the last one which was slowly breaking. I also had a leak in the lines somewhere but I suspect it was the regulator. I am still a little afraid to leave the CO2 on as I don't want to needlessly empty the tank. On the other hand there is no reason to leave it on so I don't.

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