Thursday, July 05, 2007

Long awaited update

A lot has happened in the last two months since my last post. I really should have kept writing but so much stuff conspired against me. For one, my cat got very sick and after trying to nurse him back to health over the weekend, I had to have him put to sleep. The vet didn't really know what was wrong and they tried treating the symptoms but he just didn't get better. I keep expecting him to walk into the bathroom or jump up onto my bed. It is hard being back at my place with no cat. It didn't help that the vet sent me the euthanasia bill a month later with a vaccination notice. At least they gave me a credit for the special food and medicine they charged me for when I brought them back.

I ended up visiting the doctor recently and she decided I must be lactose intolerant. I asked her to check for giardia, they ran every test but for giardia. So I have to go back to get another test run. Apparently giardia can cause lactose intolerance in some people. I am hoping it is a bug and not a food intolerance. I have had to avoid all dairy products for 2 weeks and am having a very hard time. But even the avoiding of dairy has not solved the problem. At least I don't have salmonella or cryptosporidium.

I have also been spending a lot more time with my boyfriend as he just recently went into the hospital for 5 days with a massive headache and extremely high blood pressure. The doctors are not sure what came first, the headache or the high blood pressure. So I ended up spending 5 days with him in the hospital worrying about him then another two weeks worrying about him at home. His contract in DC just ended giving him some time to relax and recup, but it also means he is going up to work another contract somewhere else before coming back down to DC in October. He only just left yesterday and I already miss him dearly.

So with no cat to care for and no boyfriend around, I should have plenty of time to get back to posting blog entries and to also get out and do more camping and kayaking. It is also time to put the mead on that has been patiently waiting on the back burner and time to get more beer going as the kegs are getting low. I have a pile of books that I bought for beer and mead making that I want to read and it might be time to clean out the wish list on Amazon again as I devoured the last few reading books I got. I didn't realize how much I missed reading until I picked up a few good books.

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Blogger Sam said...

Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your cat. As a fellow cat person I know it must be hard to not have one around after so long otherwise. Well I got some reading to do, someone didn't post for like a month so I have some catch-up to do. ;-)

8:38 PM  

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