Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Had a chance to catch Stomp with a friend and decided why not. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was expecting something a little like the commercials I have seen. We did dinner at Elephant & Castle, supposedly traditional English fare. The fish was good, the chips could have been better and the roast beef with yorkshire pudding was good but not as good as mom's. Overall, the resaurant was quite nice and worth further exploring. We then made our way over to the theater and watched the show. In some resects it was similar to the commercials and yet it was also completely different. Each little section built on the last section and there were quite a few funny sections. Mostly sight gags. There was also audience participation. They had us clapping along with them. After all the clapping I did, it makes me wonder how they can bang on things for 2 hours straight. My hands were tingling and vibrating a little.

Getting downtown was easy but I really should figure out where to pick up my bus so I can get back easily. I ended up walking around the circle, probably took the wrong door out of the station then ended up catching the shuttle back to the school and walking home. I guess I should be happy I have that fall back. Poor cat was really hungry when I got in though.

Looks like the sore throat from the weekend has come back with friends. I am moving up the sick scale. The sore throat is much worse making coughing very difficult and I am tired. I am hoping I am well this weekend as there are lots of things to do. More hiking for one, plus it is a holiday weekend.



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