Sunday, December 17, 2006

TGIF and the weekend

There is a TGIF here at 5:00 that I have been trying to go to on a regular basis so I can get to know people in the building. There is only one person on this floor who talks to me when he passes by. I actually found out about the TGIF in two ways, the first way was when I saw a cart ladden with beer in ice buckets go by, so I just had to ask where the party was. Shortly after that, the guy in the lab next door told me about the TGIF. As so I now have something to do on Friday. I had a couple of beers at the TGIF and apparently that is about what it takes to get me a little drunk. But I did have an empty stomach. TGIF wrapped up around 7:00 and I stay until the end. I was then invited to hang out with the guy in the next lab and a few of his friends to go see Fighting Gravity play at a local bar. It was great. I like the music and the venue was nice too. Too bad I didn't think to brinig ear plugs. My ears hurt after that. We went for food afterwards. I didn't get back until about 2:30 in the morning and as usual I was awake at about 5:00 the morning. Oh well.

Saturday was another long day. I went to watch Eragon with the movei meetup and I had invited the guy to come along. Not that many people showed up for the movie but we did get a few people join up later for the food and drinks at a microbrewery in the same mall. They had a really nice red and I liked the brown too. I am thinking about what type of beer I would like to try making next. I want to get some beer going now that I have found most of my equipment. I am missing a few pieces but I am leaning towards doing the honey white and maybe the three pistols clone. Those were good beers. I am thinking of just making small one gallon batches. That way I only have about 9 bottles to deal with. Plus I figure if I don't like them or can't drink a large batch I can always bring them in for the TGIF. Grad students are a great way of pawning off food or drinks.

So today brings me into work so I can drop off all my plants. Although the light here is not full, at least they get watered. Other than that I have a gear report to write on the snowshoes and I thought I would try to write more on the novel. I am basically procrastinating on the Christmas shopping as the stores are so far away. And I don't know if there is parking lots or not. I have discovered that it isn't a good idea to move right before Christmas mostly because I really don't know where things are or how to easily get around. It would be nice to go to a New Years party but no invites or meetups have any posted. I might be to tired if I drive back that day then go to a party. Google maps claims it is a 10 hour trip and I will have the cat with me.

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