Sunday, December 31, 2006

The trip back

The drive back started off relatively uneventful. I passed the border with no problems, and I am still not sure what my alcohol limit is. They didn't ask so I didn't mention it. The cat wasn't a problem either, he eventually calmed down then tracked litter all over the car. Next time he isn't getting a litter box since he didn't use it. When I hit Harrisburg I started to have problems. Somehow I was spit off I81 onto I83 without any warning, so I had to pickup 581 in order to get back on track. Then as I was getting off at I270 onto I495, I somehow missed my exit. Imagine my surprise at seeing a Welcome to Virginia sign. So I tried to take the Rosslyn bridge back but that was poorly marked, I ended up going out of my way over the Roosevelt bridge then backtracking, at least I have gone that way before and knew the route. After 11 hours of driving I was not in good shape. My head wouldn't stop moving for the rest of the night, good thing I was finished with the driving. The car definitely needs to be taken in for repairs. The muffler isn't muffling anymore, I suspect a hole in the pipe. Plus the car needs new rotors, which I may or may not do on my own. Muffler will have to be dealt with first as it is annoyingly loud.

The cat wasn't too impressed with the drive nor with the apartment complex. He took off running down the hallway until he ran out of leash. After spinning around he took off in the other direction only to run out of leash again. I wasn't really up to carrying him. I eventually put him on the scale and he is up to 22.5 lbs. I really need to have both arms free in order to carry him now. He hid under the bed for most of teh night before finally coming out for some food and to explore all the closets. He opened all the doors and checked out the insides.

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