Friday, December 22, 2006

The long haul

I decided that going around NYC was going to be worth the extra hour in driving. It also meant that I would be avoiding most of the tolls and the New Jersy Turnpike. It took about 11 hours to make the drive home to Montreal. I am not looking forward to the repeat performance on the 31st with the cat. He hates the car so much and puts up a big stink about it too. I will have to play some music really loud to drown him out. I did plow through a few podcasts and cleaned out another podiobook. I wasn't too impressed with 'Voices'. It was an anthology of fiction that had been podcast. Some were very good, two I had heard before and at least two others just made no sense. I am hoping that any future anthologies will be better. I am not sure what I will be listening to on the way back but I will likely clear out more podcasts. I have about 700 to listen to. Not sure how I have so many of them.

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